Why do Brooklyn like you would Manhattan? When gallavanting over the bridge in my newfound home of Williamsburg,  I like to imbibe the BK way -- a lil weird, maybe a bit grungy, but never lacking in finesse. So get your leather jacket on, shake off that bed head and head to one of these endearingly BK haunts. 


212 Berry Street @ North 3rd, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Casual & cheap, this spot is one of my favorite Williamsburg go-tos. Who wouldn't like a bar that has an assortment of classic board games (including Connect 4) in each booth? 

SPECIALTY: Frat Boy (A Budweiser & a shot of Jaeger for $5) and Frito Pie (fritos, ground beef, and nacho cheese -- need we say more?)




146 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11211

A glossier alternative to some of the classic Williamsburg dives, Baby's keeps its street cred' by serving as a hip haven for the music- loving set. Chill out at the front bar where a live DJ will be spinning jams or join the bevy of stylish night crawlers at the stage in back  to catch on-the-rise music acts (past performers include Ariel Pink, Tei Shi, and Lolawolf).




200 N. 14th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11222

Bowling is more of an afterthought at this low-key hangout for beer lovers who like vintage vibes. Vinyl booths, pool tables, and bowling lanes from the 70s give The Gutter the classic cool of the pre-digital age when hanging out meant meeting in person at a beer hall. 

PERK: If you're a night owl, bowling is 2 for 1 Sunday-Thursday after 1 am