#WIFEMATERIAL: NikeLab x sacai Windrunner

Most men shouldn’t be allowed to dress themselves let alone suggest what a woman should wear. But every once in a while I’ll stumble across an item of women’s clothing that makes me think, “I’d marry a girl on the spot if I saw her wearing that.” I call it #WifeMaterial.

#WIFEMATERIAL: NikeLab x sacai Windrunner

I’ll normally only ever walk into Dover Street Market if I feel that I’m wearing a decent amount of black. It’s cool, sure, but every floor there is so wildly different and I usually don’t know what the hell I’m doing there anyway so the black helps me strike the right balance between “Guy who’s only pretending to look at Raf Simmons” and “Guy who’s scoffing at Supreme despite it being the only brand within his budget.”

I recently found myself a few floors off the inspiring Murray Hill streets in the NikeLab section and saw an entire rack of women’s clothing that looked like it was about to be wheeled into a hypebeast ballerina dance practice. Translated from Fuccboi, that loosely means “super hot.” I swear this windbreaker almost bucked my long-held hypothesis that the concept of holy matrimony is a purely capitalist conceit fabricated, promoted and perpetrated entirely by the BIG WEDDING lobby.

Turns out NikeLab did a collaboration with Chitose Abe’s brand sacai, still riding the waves of their Lands’ End x Bugle Boy-Reincarnate menswear showcase. This brought “a perfectly subtle Japanese aesthetic to some of Nike’s classic sport apparel,” per their website. Although in that moment, and without a dozen Google searches under my belt, I didn’t know any of that. All I knew was that I was willing to follow that rack of clothing—and specifically the NikeLab x sacai Windrunner—into an adjacent dance studio and chassé, step, leap across the floor and land perfectly in fourth position at the feet of future Mrs. LuLu Shanks.

Windbreakers are hot. This entire collection is hot. This ballerina/tennis skirt take on it is an entire 140 Twitter character field of fire emojis. Go get it and get ya self a man.

Available here; Images via Nike.com

Lucas Shanks is a writer, editor and creative in New York City. If you want to marry him, you have to follow him on Twitter first.