Photos by Jenna Burke


Todd (@OhShytTodd): Rick Owens sneakers; extracurriculars hypebeach shirt (available here); Off-White shirt; Supreme hat

Grace: adidas Yeezy Boost by Kanye West sneakers; extracurriculars hypebeach shirt (available here); Off-White shirt; Nike leggings

Lucas (@LucasShanks): Nike sneakers; extracurriculars hypebeach shirt (available here); American Apparel shirt; American Apparel shorts; Dicks Cottons sunglasses; Black Tree hat; STPL Design NY Cosmos hat

Christina (@Manneeni): Kith slides; extracurriculars hypebeach shirt (available here); Reason diplomats shirt; Forever 21 rash guard; Old Navy bikini bottoms; Vintage Levis shorts; Street Vendor shades 

Blakely (@BlakelyThornton): Greats sneakers; extracurriculars hypebeach shirt (available here); Asos shirt; Nike shorts; Saturdays hat; Urban Outfitters sunglasses 


снIидтоши VINTAGE

Photos by Dani Mac 


Christina (@Manneeni): Vintage dress (available here); Alessandra Rivera hats & headpieces (various throughout, inquire here); Schutz shoes; Vintage bracelet; Forever 21 satchel

Alex (@Alessandra_Rivera_Hats): Vintage dress; Alessandra Rivera hats & headpieces (various throughout, inquire here); Vans sneakers (available here); Lanvin necklace; Vintage Givenchy jewelry

Check back for our #CULTchats iview with milliner Alex to hear more about her work and NYC life!