Whether it’s the sport of soccer itself, the players, or the studs in their postgame suits, there are a few reasons they call the world’s most beloved brand of football “the beautiful game.” And doesn’t it feel like year after year we see a few more games on TV and a few more footballers on the covers of our magazines? Well some city kids caught on to that trend, too. 

Introducing 10s FC, an underground football club that launched its monthly newsletter last week. Embodying the spirit of the number 10 shirt, reserved for the playmaker of the team, 10s FC is a club for those who make shit happen. Each month a newsletter goes out covering style, culture, and politics—inspired by a legendary number 10 and his life off the field.

And oh yeah, they're making products, too, like this 10s FC "PELE" crew sweatshirt. It’s the perfect thing to buy your boyfriend so that you can steal it from him. Want one? They're limited edition so you better hustle. 

Want to know more about 10s? Rumor has it they have a few more things in the works, so head over to 10s FC and sign up.