Excited to see all of our favs collaborating on a kick-ass party! Pop up shop by our Dirty Girl babe Liberty Leben and treats by Mister Krisp! Not to mention killer art by insta-famous @GetupNY. RSVP here:


Please join us for #INTERNET2IRL, at Local Creative's Local Loft, on Friday, June 26nd from 7pm-10pm. Hot Girls Eating Pizza is partnering with @inyourcourt of IndieFORK for a night of internet themed fun, art exhibits, and a pop up shop. We've all met SO many cool friends off the internet and the internet is something almost everyone our age has in common. We say almost, because there are 4.6 billion people living without Internet access, so that is why we are suggesting a donation with entry, and proceeds will benefit, a charity that helps bring internet access to those who could use it. Come join us!!Sky Gallery, 460 Union Street Brooklyn, NY 11231