ZARA sandals (Manneeni Remix)


Remixes exist because sometimes things get better when you put an entirely different spin on a track. That’s why you remember ♫ the remix to ignition, hot and fresh out the kitchen ♫ and not R. Kelly’s “Ignition.” I’ve taken this same philosophy and applied it to products, designs, and ideas that—while awesome—I can liven up with my own aesthetic. I call each one a (Manneeni Remix). 

This round I took Zara's classically chic platform sandals (available here) and gave them a little burst of personality with beaded appliques and floral crystal embellishments.  

Clicking your heels in these dream sandals won't get you home, but it'll probably get you shot by a street-style photographer. Wanna own a pair? Shoot a line to for the hookup. The city may be a concrete jungle, but you can still frolic amongst the flowers with these fantasy shoes. 


[Photos by Lucas Shanks]