In an age of manufactured beats and hype-driven lyrics, it's uncommon to hear a sound as authentically bold and soulful as the tunes performed by Miss Velvet and The Blue Wolf. Refreshingly nostalgic, this eight piece band takes us back to a time when listening to a record and going to a show was all about feeling the music. A concept that, though ever-present in the 60s and 70s, is shockingly nouveau in present day. With their debut EP on Isotopia Records, DARE (available now on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon digital, Quobuz + Tidal), Miss Velvet and The Blue Wolf fuse electric vocals and riveting beats for an immersive sound that will enliven your spirit and give you all the *feels*. 

Having gone to watch Miss Velvet and her talented musicians perform countless times, I was thrilled to hear the same vigor and magnetic energy of their live shows reflected on this record. The title track, Dare, opens with front woman Miss Velvet crooning dreamily, "deep soul, rock n' roll, spiritual gangster / go with the flow, wherever it takes ya" in a tone that makes you want to run away with her, and what the hell, the whole band.

On stage Miss Velvet slithers around with the mystical presence of Jim Morrison, belting notes with impassioned intensity over the burst of drums, brass, and chords. A bohemian goddess with cascading locks and sensually powerful vocals, Miss Velvet exudes freedom in the most enchanting way. Starting moody and mellow in Velvet Door, the record's opening track, Miss Velvet and The Blue Wolf slowly increase the intensity with each soulful jam. The last single, Like You Do -- a thunderous track with bluesy rock rhythms and empowered lyrics-- will leave you begging for more.

Behind the scenes shoot for the cover for the preview EP, DARE

Want to feel the magic in person? Well you're in luck, because Miss Velvet and The Blue Wolf will be performing live at Rockwood Musical Hall this Saturday April 29th (11 pm)! Come be a groupie with me in the audience and remember what it's like to actually feel and be a part of the music. 


[All photos by Elizabeth Fisher]






[(noun): a vintage find so incredible it can't be real]

We find some pretty dope stuff 

Vintage Studio Michelle Stuart cropped sequin paillettes sweater 

Fun and festive, looking like it walked straight off of Dolce & Gabbana's SS17 runway! 





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[Styling & Photos by Christina Mannino]